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If you're a DTU student, you can get card access to the hackerlab by sending an email from your DTU email address to the address below.

In the email body, you need to include some text that confirms that you agree to the hackerlab terms and conditions. The mailto link below includes a template for a valid email.

The contracts you need to agree to are these two:

Or copy the below template

To: mcla@dtu.dk
Subject: Card access to hackerlab

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the hackerlab, as per the following documents:
  - DTU Compute Guidelines
   - https://hackerlab.dtu.dk/contracts/20170815_DTUCompute_Guidelines_approved.pdf
   - sha256sum 08a818764a9d745094107154b948d1b6a03a2783e59585b3e63b0cbfb14d916f
  - DTU Hackerlab Guidelines
   - https://hackerlab.dtu.dk/contracts/Kontrakt_eng.pdf
   - sha256sum eaf07372e4635cafcb1bbd407ba414795d51ce1c24206993887ad6c4ec48e9c7
Can you give me card access to hackerlab?